Putting life at the center of urban design

At Gehl, we are committed to creating the future we want to live in.

Who we are

We are urban changemakers, data and social scientists, strategists, and designers

Gehl is a networked urban design and research consultancy, offering expertise in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and city planning. We address global trends using empirical analysis to design for social behavior that drives meaningful change.

What we do

We make cities for people and planet using life-centered data, strategy, and design

Our approach is iterative and holistic. We begin by working to understand the existing life of a space before we shape the built environment. It’s these existing activities, user groups, and behavior patterns that inform future visions and designs that invite public life to flourish.

Why we do it

To enable cities and communities to become more equitable, healthy, and sustainable places for all

We work to create a future in which communities have control over their health and well-being; where inclusive neighborhoods and places are designed to encourage a sense of belonging and make it easier for people to take purposeful climate action.