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Leadership & markets

Founding Partner, CEO
Helle Søholt
Partner, Managing Director Europe & Australia-Asia
Henriette Vamberg
Partner & Managing Director Gulf Region, Chief Innovation Officer
Jeff Risom
Partner, Managing Director US (The Americas)
Matthew Lister
Partner, Head of Climate, Team Director US Enterprise & Corporations
Blaine Merker
Partner, Team Director
A. Ghigo DiTommaso
Partner, Team Director US Cities
Julia D Day
Chief Financial Officer
Kristian Hollmann
HR Director
Anders Berg Ladegaard
Team Director US Cities
Anna Muessig
Partner, Team Director Masterplanning & Design Global
Esben Neander Kristensen
Head of R&D, Team Director Global Cities
Liselott Stenfeldt
Team Director Masterplanning & Design Europe
Morten Kjer Jeppesen
Team Director Gulf Strategy & Design
Carlota Pedersen-Madero
Team Director European Foundations and Philanthropic Organizations
Sophia Schuff


Communications Strategist
Christopher Reeves

Business development

Business Development Lead (Global)
Martine Loessl
Business Development Coordinator (Americas)
Jeffrey Caston

General requests

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