Favrholm Master Plan

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Hillerød, Denmark

By concentrating public life in key locations we help create intuitive meeting points in daily life, allowing communities to merge, live together and develop a local identity

Esben Neander Kristensen
Team Director at Gehl
The Challenge

Creating a new community on Denmark’s largest urban development site

With one of Denmark’s new ‘super’ hospitals being built on the periphery of the Favrholm site, developer Propreco was challenged to plan a new urban district accommodating 4000 housing units and office space for 10,000 workers. Creating this critical mass of people and activity called for a master plan framework to guide the area toward a complete neighborhood, providing access to both community, nature, and urban life – a trio of conditions that are common in aspiration for greenfield site developments, but hard to embed in practice.

Green rolling hills form the majority of the original 94ha Favrholm site.

From Gehl

We worked to ensure that a single person would be comfortable without a car and families with children living in Favrholm would find life managable with just one car and a cargo bike.

Esben Neander Kristensen
Team Director, Gehl
The Impact

Life, space, buildings… and a whole lot of recreation and nature

Favrholm Stadium Quarter is a new urban district focused on people, health and movement. From the onset, the Gehl team looked at how communities can be created through shared spaces that encourage residents and visitors to interact as a natural part of their daily lives, across age groups, education, social, and economic backgrounds. Intuitive access to existing nature and differential scales of landscaping are the basis of a spatial plan that will enable chance encounters and strong social relations, providing the green spaces and routes where people can come together on a day to day basis.

With world class sports facilities on site, and direct proximity to open spaces, the new neighborhood will live and breathe sports and movement, be it organized or spontaneous. This represents a step away from the status quo ‘drive in ‘n’ out’ suburban life. By coordinating the design proposals for amenities and residential typologies, the master plan framework boasts a 30% reduction in space dedicated to car parking: a 30% increase in space for public life to flourish.

Not a fence in sight! The master plan framework encourages soft edges and access to the existing natural landscape as an extension of the area’s ‘backyard’. 

The green ‘sports commons’ – complete with football pitches, preserved wetland areas and a variety of functions – use the landscape to promote movement and contribute to a strong identity of an active, health-conscious community.

Active mobility is encouraged via pedestrianized streets, walkways, and paths that will become a staple of residents everyday routines and habits.

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